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Narrative Structure In A Single Sentence

I've been working through Holly Lisle's awesome writing course How To Think Sideways, which is specifically geared toward solving left-brain / right-brain imbalance issues like I often struggle with. (Being too critical of my own writing is basically my left-brain hitting my right-brain with a hockey stick.)

One of her most powerful techniques is called The Sentence, which is a way of generating a highly relevant and inspiring "logline" for your story that you can work from. It keeps you going in the right direction throughout your writing project. She also applies a modified version of it to creating single-sentence Scene Summaries.

For the novel I'm currently working on, tentatively titled Starfighters: Infection, I followed Holly's guidelines to create a Sentence that I love and that truly represents the heart of my story. Then for fun I placed it on a pretty background to make it even more inspiring:
The pretty background wasn't part of the course ass…

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