Why Story Runner?

Story Runner is about four things. First, running is what led me back into writing (see below), and running still helps my writing in myriad ways. I hope my ideas on the synergy between writing and running (or walking) might aid your writing too.

Second, I believe that stories run on narrative, on the narrative structure that underlies all stories. I am a student of the wonderful theory of story called Dramatica, which is so incredibly accurate as to seem almost magical. Many of my posts will discuss how I apply Dramatica to my writing, and to other stories that I enjoy. You can also check out my official Dramatica analysis of The Princess Bride, which was a result of the awesome mentoring I received from Jim Hull of Narrative First.

Third, I am fascinated by the creative process and the right brain, and how focusing on that can make us better writers. I've learned a lot from the esteemed writing teacher Holly Lisle, and have been working on ways to turn off my inner critic (running is one way), allowing my right brain to "run free" for a while.

Finally, I do hope to publish novels some day soon, and hope to make this blog a good launching-off point for that. You can expect to see some hints and sneak peeks of what I'm currently running with (get it?).

How Running Led Me Back To Writing

When I was kid, I loved making up stories. It was my favourite thing in the world, and it started long before I ever considered writing them down. In every game I played -- Star Wars toys, Lego, the endless imaginary games my brother and I would come up with -- it was always the stories that mattered to me. Around the time we got into Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons, I started writing stories too, and I loved it.

But eventually self-criticism set in, making writing more difficult and less fun. And adult responsibilities -- raising a family -- gave an easy excuse to give it up altogether. So I did -- for about fifteen years.

But a funny thing happened to me when I got into running several years ago. At first I was so into the running -- training harder, becoming faster -- that I didn't notice it. But once I learned to relax into the long easy runs something weird happened. The stories came back. I began to love my runs because all these ideas would flash through my head -- sometimes new ideas, sometimes ideas for stories I'd never finished.

Usually I'd just forget about all these cool ideas until my next run, but eventually I started writing some down. And like that, I was a writer again.

Of course, that was just the beginning of this journey...

Running PRs

Since I got back into writing, I don't care so much about my PRs, but in case anyone is wondering...
5K: 18:09
Half-Marathon: 1:22:15
Marathon: 3:18 (my only full: 1:29 at halfway point, but suffered massive cramps at 20K)