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How I got six Dramatica storyforms by following one

Mock covers I made for Starfighters beta readers. I intend to publish the series this year (2023).   A fellow writer on the Subtxt discord forums asked me to describe in more detail how I ended up with six storyforms (five substories) after following just one storyform when I was writing Starfighters . I made a picture to visualize it better (click for bigger version): Diagram of storyforms with the main one at the top. Width represents duration (pages). Background Starfighters began as an idea for a novel, which I started writing in 2017. It took me one and a half years and 370,000 words to finish the draft. By this time I knew it was much longer than a single book should be (!) and I was starting to get some ideas of how to split it into a trilogy. I followed a single Dramatica storyform throughout. I didn't begin it knowing the storyform, but once I had a vague outline and was a few chapters into the draft, I was able to determine the storyform, which held true for the whole t

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