Short story published! The Haunted Overlook


My short story The Haunted Overlook has been published in Elegant Literature's December edition!

It's free to read online, and only 2000 words so not a huge time commitment. Give it a whirl at Elegant Literature - Monthly Magazine -- look for issue #013, Haunted Hideaway.

And if you're writer, especially a new-ish one, check out the rest of the site and consider submitting to the monthly magazine. It's a great opportunity for new writers to earn professional rates (I received 10c/word, $270 CAD, for this story!) along with a chance at a monthly $3000 contest prize*.

*Note: no fee is required to submit to (or be published in) the magazine. To enter the $3000 contest, a $10 membership fee is required. The theme/prompt for both is the same -- so if you enter the contest and don't win, you might still earn publication.