Cats of Waverley Manor: The push to get over 1000

Photo by Pacto Visual on Unsplash

The Cats of Waverley Manor is the working title for the new YA novel I'm working on. I built the idea up from scratch (pun intended) using Holly Lisle's How To Write a Novel course, which I started two weeks ago. Now I'm working on the first draft and hoping to blog my writing progress daily, or at least semi-daily.


Got 1229 words yesterday. Half of that was late afternoon / evening (immediately after work and then 45 minutes at Aria's dance class). At 11pm I was tired and considered going to bed, but honestly, those 616 words just didn't feel like enough. I really need close to a thousand minimum most days to feel like I'm "in" the story. This makes it WAY easier to come back and get words the next day.

So I did a 10-minute timer and promised myself I'd make decaf coffee, plenty of cream, if I got 150 words in those 10 minutes. (The decaf coffee is a bribe for the Muse.)

I got them, and started to feel better, and fueled by decaf I got another 450.

And I went to bed too late, but the feeling of satisfaction was worth it, and I dreamed of cats and a sad girl who has lost her dog, who has something very important to do.